Friday, July 16, 2010

I love green

Hulk Green Smoothie

1 handful organic kale
1 handful organic spinach
1/2 an avocado
1-2 organic bananas
2 Tbsp chia seeds
2-3 Tbsp organic agave
1 Tbsp organic hemp seeds
Enough soy milk to incorporate
I forgot to add spirulina too, but that would be ideal!

For lunch I went over to the sushi place next to us called Ninja Sushi. I got the spring mix salad and vegetable tempura maki w/out shrimp. I don't know why there is shrimp in the vegetable maki in the first place, but whatever.
Look what I found! I am so excited about it! Little soy sauce/braggs bottles! It was $2 for this little bag. I've been looking for something like this forever!
Aloe juice is one of my favorites. I like this one because it is Aloe + Mangosteen + Mango juice. It has 50% vitamin C and 15% iron.
Sonic waiting for his bedtime snack.

Koko waiting for me to get in bed so she can lay on me.

Sorry that I haven't had a recipe post in a while. I will be posting one tomorrow hopefully. I made some good stuff and took pictures and it all got erased. So I will try again next time :)


  1. This blog is so educational! I will keep an eye out for the Aloe juice.

  2. That smoothie sounds *delicious*!!!

  3. I haven't tried kale in my smoothie yet...I will have to put that on my to do list. I am indeed loving avocados. A couple of months ago I didn't like them, but now they are one of my favs. That aloe juice looks delicious. I wish we had something like that around here. Aloe is so healing. My sister n law sells full strength aloe. We always keep a bottle on hand for when one of us starts to feel sick in any way. BTW, your animals are so adorable!

  4. One of these days I am going to make a smoothie with kale. Why? Because you have encouraged me to do so.

  5. What a sweet blog! I love the smoothies you're making. It makes me so jealous actually lol I'm eating out of a cafeteria so I have cantaloupe everyday for fruit, bananas sometimes if I'm lucky. Also, I love that you wrote Jesus is your King. ;) He's my King too.


  6. Oh, your smoothies always sound so good! And like Mangocheeks, you've inspired me to make smoothies ( I think I've already mentioned) I was blending every morning this past week; you're right, it's a great way to start the day...still can't my hubby to drink them though.

    Sonic is so lovable! And I love that shot of Koko! I have a tortie too (tortoise shell and white)...and she is very expressive with her eyes just like it seems Koko is.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. How long does it take you to drink that smoothie? My problem is I'm not a drinker period. I have to remind myself/force myself to even drink enough water. When I got my nice blender, I promised myself I was going to make a smoothie everyday. Right now, I'm only at about 2 or 3 a week. Those little bottles are cute/handy.

  8. Shen- Thanks chica! Yes, keep an eye out! Maybe in asain stores over there?

    Stacy- It was! But I made way too much for me to drink.

    Michelle- You gotta try it. I love kale. The full strength aloe she sells, is it topical or can you drink it? In Hawaii, we use aloe a lot too, especially for any type of skin conditions.

    Mangocheeks- :) You are sweet. You should! I love juicing it too!

    Amy- Thank you! He is my everything! Sorry about your fruit selection, I love cantelope though :)

    Rose- I am so glad to be an inspiration. You guys all inspire me to try all different kinds of stuff. It is a great way to start the day and get a lot of the nutrition you need. It took a while to get my husband into it too. Aren't torties cute? All the ones I have met have had similar personalities. You will have to post a pic of your baby soon :)

  9. Jenny- I am just like you, not a drinker! I really dislike drinking water. Up until a few month ago, I totally had to force myself to drink. I drink a lot of coffee and tea though (trying to cut down on that though, especially the coffe.) I read this article: and it made me think twice about my lack of water in my diet. I try my best to either have a smoothie or fresh juice every morning. I forget though too, just like you :)

  10. I love your smoothie. We drink things like that all the time and just toss in whatever is in the frig. It makes a quick and nutritious meal.

    Koko has quite the expressive face. ;-)


  11. Vegan Epicurean, Thanks! I love smoothies because you really can add whatever you want and make them sooo nutritious! Koko is such a sassy cat but I love her :)

  12. I love the way your smoothies look in the Mason jars. They just look tastier that way!

    I'll have to look out for aloe juice, I don't think I've ever seen it but I usually stick to mainstream oj and don't look at other bottled juices.

    Bummer for your photos being erased! At least you got to enjoy the food, right?

  13. Looks like a bonanza day for shopping! Good for you. Now, get in bed and snuggle with that cat!

  14. Jessica- I love mason jars! I like to always drink out of glass because I think it tastes better. Plus I don't really like plastic. I just posted a new blog on making your own aloe, so maybe you can do that since you don't have any where you are at!?

    Blessedmama- I did and she was a happy camper. She rules our bedroom :)

  15. The aloe my sister n law sells is the drinkable kind. It's called Ultimate Aloe Juice from Market America. We try our best not to run out of it. :o)


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